GG ALLIN(G.G. ALLIN) - the singles collection 1977-1991 CD



そしてこちらは各種シングルなどを集めた22曲入り編集盤となります。和製GG ALLIN目指してる方必携の一枚です。

Love Tunnel
Devil's Triangle
1980s Rock & Roll (original version)
Cheri Love Affair (original version)
Jesus Over New York
Expose Yourself To Kids
Gypsy Motherfucker
Hangin' Out With Jim
Diarrhea Blues
Drink, Fight, & Fuck
Cock On The Loose
Out For Blood
When I Die
Liquor Slicked Highway
Sitting In This Room
Watch Me Kill
Castration Crucifixion
Snakeman's Dance
Slaughterhouse Death Camp
Feces & Blood, Bacteria Of The Soul
Master Daddy